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Rethinking “Critical Mass” in Marketing

Have you ever had an idea for a revolutionary product or marketing campaign, that you built on pure adrenaline, launched, ... and then waited as tumbleweeds blew by? Have you ever set up a blog, posted a bunch of great content, and then ... tumbleweeds? Have you ever been involved in any project that you...
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Share on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter from One App

One of the biggest pains when sharing content via social media is that you either have to visit all the major sites, one-by-one,or ignore some of them. It's similar to the "too many in-boxes" problem that I blogged about a few years ago. Only this time, it's "too many out-boxes".

The solution is to use...
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The Problem With Early Adopters

When you release a new product, it's easy to fall in love with the early adopters. They're the first people other than your mom to tell you your product is as good as you dreamed it would be. They give you your first taste of revenue. And they give you hope that they'll be the...
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Who’s Getting Shared on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn?

I noticed something interesting today. Now that my feed reader displays the number of Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn shares for each story, I couldn't help but notice a big difference in how often stories from different feeds get shared.

Here's a quick sampling (the numbers are Facebook/Google+/LinkedIn):

Mashable's last 5 stories...combined: 0/0/0.

Maybe those storie...
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Laws of Marketing: Consider the Opposite

One of the things my brother, Thor, talks about in his new book, Small Business Revolution, is the power of embracing opposites:

...one of the primary reasons people struggle without a correct model of an entire system, is because they fail to understand the interplay between yin and yang, between the opposites within the system....
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A Way to Steer Prospects Toward Your Most Effective Sales Pitch

I came across an article the other day talking about a concept you've likely heard before. But it sparked a new idea.

The main idea is that some of your prospects will be more motivated by potential gains, and others by fear of loss. So which kind of sales pitch do you use to promote...
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Have You Ever Attended a Successful Business Networking Event?

I don't know that I've ever attended an event dedicated to business networking. But I've attended business events with the intent to do some networking.

From what I hear, my experience was pretty typical: most of the time, networking events just don't work.

It's not that networking is simply a failed idea. Most, if not...
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Which Business Books Would You Re-Read?

On his blog today, Ryan Healy threw out an interesting question:

Imagine that for one full year you could not read any business books you hadn't read before"¦ and that you were only allowed to read business books you had previously finished reading.

Which books would you re-read?

You can click the link above ...
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How to Recover from Google Panda and Penguin

If your website got dinged by Google earlier this year (or if you want to make sure it doesn't get dinged as they continue to tweak their algorithms), you may be wondering what you can do about it.

Yesterday, SEO testing fanatic Jerry West wrote:

Most web masters who are having the most success overcoming...
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When Truth is More Powerful Than Lies

I love the line from The Police's 1983 album, Synchronicity:

We were at a policy meeting / They were planning new ways of cheating...

Sometimes it seems like that's all marketing and politics are. Okay, most of the time. But it doesn't have to be that way. And though you might not believe it from...
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