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Work From Home Or Get An Office?

Ever since I stopped working for "The Man", back before the turn of the century (does that make me sound old or experienced? :-), I've been working from home.

While I was single, it was easy enough. But marriage and children have made it a bit more challenging. For example, at this very moment, my...
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3 Steps to Achieving a Goal

Most people leave lots of goals, hopes, and dreams unrealized. We may look at others' success and think that there's something special about them that we can't duplicate. And in a way, that's true -- everyone is different. But one thing I've learned over the years is that what we do matters a lot more...
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Why I Haven’t Been Blogging Lately: Small Business Revolution

It's been about 8 months since I announced I was "going quiet for a while" to work on some major projects with a business partner. Now, at last, we're releasing our first product, so you can start to get an idea of what I've been working on all this time. (There's a whole lot more...
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I've been thinking lately about the big differences little things make.

Consider this. If you're going somewhere and you're off course by just one degree, after one foot, you'll miss your target by 0.2 inches. Trivial, right? But what about as you get farther out?

After 100 yards, you'll be off by 5.2 feet. No...
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Before we get to internet marketing, let's talk about the "Stupid Tax". According to the Urban Dictionary, it's:

The cost associated with engaging in any state sanctioned form of long odds gambling, i.e. playing the lottery.

Why "Stupid Tax"? As I wrote back in July:

I once calculated that winning the lottery is about like...
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I saw an interesting tweet the other day from Dr. Mani, but I'm going to give it to you one half at a time. Raise your right hand and repeat after me, "I will not skip ahead and peek at the second half."

Okay, here's the first half:

Success Key: Leverage everything to your advantage......
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This morning, Terry Dean asked the question:

What are the qualifications to being a successful internet entrepreneur?

He lists several important ones: good communication skills (written and/or verbal), good time managements skills, personal motivation, etc. I'll add a few -- but first, I'm going to change the question slightly:

What are the qualifications to being...
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If you've read this blog long enough, you've probably heard me mention my free PDF, The Great Big Picture of Internet Marketing. In just a few pages, it gives you an overview of what you need to do to start your internet marketing business off on a solid foundation.

Seth Godin reminded me of the...
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Marketers spend a lot of time trying to get customers to choose them. One thing that makes it easier is to spend some time up front choosing your customers.

Back in July, Seth Godin wrote:

Many organizations will take any customer, any time, and bend and writhe to accommodate money in whatever form it arrives....
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I read a great post on productivity over at Entrepreneur's Journey this morning. Aziz Ali posted five simple productivity tips, including:

2. Eat That Frog

...Eat That Frog in a nutshell means to do those tasks first that you do not want to do the most.

That reminded me of something I wrote back i...
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