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SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Foundational principles of SEO success:

  1. Help the search engines accomplish their goals, and they will reward you with high search engine placement.
  2. Put your goals ahead of theirs, and they will spend millions to thwart your efforts.
  3. Their goal is to help their users find quality content.
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Search Engine Optimization is the art of tuning a webpage to come up as high as possible in search results for a particular set of words. Two factors must be optimized:

• Importance: A page's importance ("PageRank" in Google terms) is calculated based on the number of pages linking to it, and the importance of those pages. More links coming to a page increase it's importance, especially if those pages have lots of incoming links themselves.

• Relevance: This is a measure of how relevant a page is to a specific word or set of words. A highly relevant page will often come out on top of pages with significantly better PageRank. If this weren't the case, the pages with the best PageRank would come up at the top of every search for any word they contained, whether they were relevant or not!

This page and our weblog, SEO Secrets of the PageRank Masters, discuss techniques for improving both factors. Check back periodically for articles covering SEO and related internet marketing methods including:
  1. Using semantic markup
  2. Using CSS
  3. Focusing on keywords
  4. Cost-effective advertising
  5. Outbound linking
  6. Avoiding sabotaging your own efforts

Articles & tools:
  1. Two simple steps to higher search engine placement
  2. Using RSS to increase relevance and maximize freshness
  3. How to increase your PageRank by creating more web pages
  4. Keyword density analyzer