Review: "Google AdSense Secrets" by Joel Comm

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132 page eBook (PDF)

The Bottom Line

  Highly Recommended
Price as of this writing: $97.00

Despite the price, this eBooks is worth buying. By implementing a few of the suggestions from the eBook, I increased my AdSense incoming enough to pay for it in about 2 months, and my income has continued to increase significantly since then. Part of the increase was due simply to adding AdSense to more of my webpages, but even so, this book deserves some credit, because the increase in income I saw by implementing the book's advice with existing ads motivated me to do that work. If I didn't have so many other projects to work on, I'm sure I could do even better by implementing more of the book's advice.
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Negatives: Positives: Buy "Google AdSense Secrets" [affiliate link]

Chapter by Chapter Comments

My favorite chapters' titles are displayed in red.
  1. How To Make (More) Money With Google AdSense
    This chapter is mostly introductory--Joel tried some things out on AdSense and discovered ways to dramatically increase his income.
  2. Getting Started With Google AdSense: As Easy As 1 - 2 - 3 !
    Also largely introductory--create your website, get some traffic, then ad AdSense ads.
  3. How To Tweak Your Ads To make Them Click
    Here's where the meat begins. Joel discusses specifics of which formatting options will get you the most clicks.
  4. Using Colors To Increase Your Clicks
    More meat here, focusing on integrating the ads into the look of your website.
  5. How To Maximize Visibility And Response
    Yet more meat, primarily discussing the optimum positioning of AdSense ads.
  6. Controlling Your Ads
    This chapter is mostly, but not only, applicable if you're going to create websites in order to make AdSense income. It discusses selection of the most profitable topics and how to get Google to display the most profitable ads on your site.
  7. Catch Fickle Visitors With The Google Search Box
    Not the most entrancing of chapters for me--this one discusses putting Google search boxes on your site.
  8. Building Content
    This chapter discusses blogging and other content creation techniques, along with sources of existing content that you can use. It also covers the use of RSS feeds and newsletters to get repeat visitors.
  9. Response Tracking: Your Hidden Pot Of AdSense Gold!
    This chapter discusses how to track your results to figure out what options are the most profitable for you. It discusses a number of tools that can help you with tracking.
  10. How To Make AdSense work With Internet Communities
    This chapter discusses effective ways of placing of AdSense ads in online forums.
  11. How To Read Your Visitors Like A Book
    I'm not sure why this chapter is titled as it is. The meat of the chapter discusses AdSense arbitrage--buying traffic to a site with the goal of making more in AdSense revenue than you spent buying the traffic. It discusses a tool that can help if you want to have a go at arbitrage.
  12. What To Do Before You Apply To Google AdSense
    This chapter discusses how to build a site that's ready for AdSense, but much of the information can be applied to existing sites and sites that already have AdSense ads.
  13. Recommended Resources: Try These Tools And AdSense Utilities (Some Are FREE!)
    Just what the chapter title says.
  14. Keeping Track Of What Works - And What Doesn't Work - For You!
    More of what was discussed in chapter 9.
  15. Other Pay-Per-Click Programs
    Just what the chapter title says.
  16. Getting Traffic To Your Website
    Light coverage of various methods of building traffic flow.
  17. Search Engine Optimization
    Light coverage of SEO techniques, and discussion of some SEO tools.
  18. Case Studies
    Screen shots and discussion of some site that use AdSense successfully.

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