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Which Business Books Would You Re-Read?

On his blog today, Ryan Healy threw out an interesting question:

Imagine that for one full year you could not read any business books you hadn't read before"¦ and that you were only allowed to read business books you had previously finished reading.

Which books would you re-read?

You can click the link above ...
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Why I Haven’t Been Blogging Lately: Small Business Revolution

It's been about 8 months since I announced I was "going quiet for a while" to work on some major projects with a business partner. Now, at last, we're releasing our first product, so you can start to get an idea of what I've been working on all this time. (There's a whole lot more...
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As you've probably heard by now, Amazon has released a new line of Kindles. Last Christmas, my dad gave me what's now called a "Kindle Keyboard", which I love, and use every day.

Why is it called "Kindle Keyboard"? That brings me to my first observation:

The new Kindles don't have physical keyboards.

I don't...
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The video from last month about how to configure SEO Content Factory for blogging workgroups generated a lot of interest, along with some great feature requests. So I knuckled down and went to work. And last week, I released a new workgroup version named SEO Content Factory/WG.

Here's a video that'll show you how you...
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I often hear the argument that social media hasn't been around long enough for anyone to be an expert at it yet. And in fact, you'll hear a lot of people spouting theories based on speculation and intuition, some of which are right, and some of which are wrong.

Today, I read a book by...
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Two key things that affiliate marketers need are content for their websites and products to promote. One of the tools at Instant Affiliate Accelerator is the Affiliate Meta Search Tool, which enables you to search for blog, news and YouTube content, plus products from a variety of affiliate marketplaces, all in one place.

It gives...
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I saw a stat today that suggests Google Chrome's market share may pass Firefox by October. A quote from the report got me thinking:

There is also a new innovation initiative to bring back a perception of a browser that not only copies features Chrome is pioneering, but lives a culture that delivers unique new...
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If your web browser works with Google web fonts, this post will look a little different to you than usual. That's because I've replaced the font for the content with a handwriting style font named "Architects Daughter".

Traditionally, when choosing fonts for your website, you've had to take two precautions:

Choosing fonts that most peopl...
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In today's episode of Battle of the Marketing Maxims, we'll pit Henry Ford against the elusive Deep Throat to explore the question: is it smarter to innovate, or should you "follow the money" and stick to markets where people are already spending?

Representing Deep Throat, we have a quote from Marketing Coach Terry Dean:

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I just finished reading Dan Ariely's book, Predictably Irrational, the other day, and I thought I'd share some thoughts about it.

The full title of the book is "Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions". As the title suggests, it's about how our decisions are often influenced by more than just a rational...
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