If you were watching carefully, you may have noticed a little change to the White Hat Crew blog recently: underneath each post title, where it says "Posted by Antone Roundy", the name is now a link. The reason for the change is that it's time to start accepting guest posts, and it only seems right to give each author their own author page.

Why Am I Accepting Guest Posts?

It's not because I have any trouble coming up with things to write about every day. As I've said before, Blog Riffing and SEO Content Factory have cured me of that problem. Heck, on days when I'm publishing a guest post, I'll probably just post to one of my other blogs that I don't write for as often, or write a guest post for another blog.

I've decided to accept guest posts for two reasons:

  1. To give this blog's readers a greater variety of viewpoints.
  2. To build relationships with more bloggers.

What Kinds of Posts Am I Looking For?

Spend a little time poking around this blog, and you'll get the idea. The main focus is internet marketing. And ethics are a critical consideration. You don't have to talk about ethics, but posts promoting unethical practices will be rejected. And if there are ethical issues related to what you discuss, we encourage you to address them.

How To Submit a Post

To submit a post, use my help desk to send me the post or the idea you're thinking of writing a post about. If you send the post, please include all the HTML formatting other than paragraph and linebreak tags (you can include those too if you wish). The helpdesk doesn't have a rich text editor, so your post may not look quite right there, but it'll make it a lot easier for me to get it formatted the way you intended it.

Also, let me know the name you'd like your post to appear under, and what you'd like on your author page.


  • Posts MUST be your original writing.
  • They MUST NOT have been published anywhere else previously, and, if published on White Hat Crew, must not be published on any publicly visible website afterward.

Beyond that, all the obvious stuff: they've gotta be good, they can't promote hate, they shouldn't just be promotions of your products, etc.