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The Bottom Line

Price as of this writing: $49.00 $9.95

I found three of the chapters useful enough to justify the purchase of this eBook. Indeed, in less than a month with only minimal implementation of the ideas from the book, it has paid for itself, and looks like it may bring in more than twice what I'm making from AdSense. Even though much of the information did not interest me, the parts that did gave me some new ideas and motivated me to action, and it has paid off. I gave it three stars originally, and am considering raising it to four stars. It is certainly more than worth the purchase price (especially now that the price has been reduced).

Negatives: Positives: Buy "The Rich Jerk" [affiliate link]

Chapter by Chapter Comments

My favorite chapters' titles are displayed in red.
  1. Creating an affiliate Website that Sells like Crazy
    After presenting a ranked list of the best affiliate networks to join, the author outlines a strategy for writing successful affiliates sales pitches. Despite the author's apparent lack of scruples, the information is good.
  2. Unique Search Engine PPC Strategies that Kill the Competition
    The author presents a ranked list of pay per click networks, and then outlines a strategy for using them (in some cases more than one of them) profitably. Some of the ideas appear sound, others more questionable, but probably worth trying out. I'll add more comments when and if I try some of the suggested techniques.
  3. Search Engine Optimization Strategies (SEO)
    This section covers some methods of getting links to your site, along with some very basic on-page SEO information. Then it goes black hat to talk about cloaking--a technique I recommend avoiding for ethical and practical reasons.
  4. Selling Your Own Informational Product
    The opening section on creating your product doesn't really say much about creating your product, but overall, the chapter does provide some useful ideas for maximizing profitability if you're interested in selling a product like an eBook.
  5. Buying Wholesale and Selling on eBay®
    This section covers six rules to keep you out of trouble if you want to get into wholesale buying, and then lists a number of sources of wholesale goods. I'll comment more if I ever decide to try it out--for now, this section wasn't of much interest to me.
  6. Websites you can make Profitable Right Now
    Mostly repeats and elaborates on information from earlier sections.
  7. Other Online Ventures to Consider
    Another section not of interest to me, so I have no comments on it.
  8. Supplemental Info for Beginners
    Lists some website creation tools and discusses some of the material from earlier chapters at a more basic level. I'm not a beginner, so I barely skimmed this section. If you're new to internet marketing, it looks like it contains useful information to help you get up to speed on what it's all about.
  9. Quality Products/Services I Highly Recommend
    This is a short list of programs and tools, most, if not all of which had been mentioned earlier.
Buy "The Rich Jerk" [affiliate link]

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