Review: "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding On eBay" by Jim Cockrum

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This was long the top selling eBook on ClickBank, and is number two as of this writing. I believe this honor is well deserved. I haven't yet figured out exactly how I'm going to put this book's advice into practice myself, but then I just finished reading it. It will take some though and some work up front, but it already feels like the beginning of something big. I'll update this review with more comments as the future unfolds.

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Chapter by Chapter Comments

My favorite chapters' titles are displayed in red.
  1. A "MUST READ" note from the author
    Introduces the concept of making money from the people who don't win your auction, including those who don't bid.
  2. "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding On eBay"
    1. How to earn money
      Suggests that you do work now that will continue to make money with minimal maintenance.
    2. New to eBay? YOU HAVE TO READ THIS
      Links to a resources page and tells you to sign up on eBay if you haven't already.
    3. Collecting payments online -- PayPal and more
      Lists a bunch of services you can use to accpet online payments without needing a merchant credit card account.
    4. One of my Silent Sales Machines
      1. A key to the "Silent Sales" system
        Names the question to ask (fill in two blanks with various combinations of answers) to find ways to make customers of anyone who comes to your auction page. Introduces what to do once you've filled in the blanks. Sorry, I can't go into detail!
      2. Dissecting my Silent Sales Machine
        Tells the story of how the author got started with this technique.
      3. Ebay "about me" page
        Discusses how to use your "about me" page to get customers, and eBay's rules regarding the page. Lists a number of tips for maximizing traffic to your auctions.
    5. Details that make my Silent Sales Machine work
      1. What should I sell
        Offers some general guidelines, plus more detail on information products, drop shipping, and buying wholesale.
      2. Getting traffic to your "about me" page
        What the title says, and how to stay on eBay's good side.
      3. Having more than one eBay account
        You can have more than one account--this chapters tells you why you'd want to.
    6. Creating your own information product (without writing!)
      What the title says--and it could include writing, but doesn't necessarily.
    7. Improving your machine
      Techniques for finding out what is selling online, and non-eBay ways to get traffic to your website.
    8. Resources for your Silent Sales Machine
      Domain registration, hosting, on demand book printing, etc.
    9. How to start a Silent Sales Machine without writing anything
      Ways to partner with others or leverage their products to make money.
    10. The Power of Mailing Lists and Newsletters
      Making money selling advertising, through affiliate sales, etc. in eZines and with mailing lists.
    11. How to make money with this book
      Partly a rehash of earlier chapters. Mentions promoting this eBook.
  3. What should I sell on eBay?
    1. Creating money from thin air on eBay
      Selling information (primarly eBooks). Places other than eBay to sell them. Covers some tips from Jim Edwards for writing a successful eBook. Also covers some other ideas like selling screen savers, videos, services, and developing websites to sell.
    2. Creating money with other people's stuff
      Drop shipping, yard sales, auctions, etc.--places to get cheap stuff.
    3. Finding free or really cheap stuff to sell on eBay
      Ideas submitted by readers for places to get cheap stuff to sell.
  4. Power tips for eBay sellers
    1. Tips for sellers that you won't find on eBay
      A few ways to get more traffic to your auctions. How to keep your feedback positive, why that's important, and how to use it to your advantage.
    2. Promoting affiliate links using full domain names
      ...rather than long affiliate links.
    3. Tapping into the power of Joint Ventures
      Selling other people's stuff--feels like a rehash of earlier material.
    4. Profiting from eBay in creative ways
      Sell on behalf of others, etc.
    5. The two simple steps to MASSIVE success
      In short, be successful yourself, then teach others how you did it.
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