One of the biggest pains when sharing content via social media is that you either have to visit all the major sites, one-by-one,or ignore some of them. It's similar to the "too many in-boxes" problem that I blogged about a few years ago. Only this time, it's "too many out-boxes".

The solution is to use an app that can post to multiple sites. One of the most popular is HootSuite. If a free HootSuite account is too limited for you and you don't want to pay monthly fees, or if you're not a fan of its interface, SEO Content Factory may be what you're looking for. (Disclosure: it's my product).

Here's a video I just posted to YouTube demonstrating the new "Sharing" version of SEO Content Factory. You can use it to subscribe to blogs, YouTube videos, and anything else with an RSS feed, and share the content you find via Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter (including scheduling an unlimited number of tweets in advance).

The full version of SEO Content Factory can also post to WordPress, Blogger, Posterous, and Tumblr, and includes a few additional plugins. (You can add these capabilities to the Sharing version at any time.)

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