I noticed something interesting today. Now that my feed reader displays the number of Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn shares for each story, I couldn't help but notice a big difference in how often stories from different feeds get shared.

Here's a quick sampling (the numbers are Facebook/Google+/LinkedIn):

  • Mashable's last 5 stories...combined: 0/0/0.
  • Maybe those stories were just a little too new, so here's a representative one from yesterday (still Mashable): 130/0/80
  • Seth Godin's latest post (from today): 453/264/188
  • Matt Cutt's latest: 0/574/65 (hmm, I wonder if he's more popular at Google than at Facebook?)
  • Darren Rowse's 2nd to last post at ProBogger: 10/1/9
  • Brian Clark's latest at Copyblogger: 0/205/692
  • The latest from ClickBank's blog: 40/19/5
  • The 2nd most recent from CNN: 175k/0/0 (yes, "175k" means 175,000 -- CNN usually gets either those kinds of numbers or something in the neighborhood of 85/0/0)
  • The latest comic from xkcd: 530/528/6
  • Aug 9th's comic from xkcd: 4.7k/27k/15

Of course, these numbers can't be compared directly, because in many cases, they're posts from different time frames. But there are some definite patterns.

Oh, one more -- my latest post here at White Hat Crew: 0/2/1. Aw, c',mon!

Well, at least I'm more popular on Google+ and LinkedIn than CNN is! :-)