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This morning, I came across an affiiate program that looks pretty interesting -- among other things, it pays commissions for an entire year on sales to anyone you get into their mailing list! I think the longest return deadline I've ever heard of before this was a month. Take a look at their free report...
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5/1/2007 Update: Today is the final day to get this seminar DVD for only $14.95 -- after today, the site will be taken down. 

4/26/2007 Update: The price is now locked at $14.95. This for a DVD recording of a seminar on making your mailing lists more profitable. The original cost of admission was $997!...
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It's past midnight, so I'll keep this brief. After previously consolidating most of my blogs into one (Alpha Gecko), I've decided to bring the internet marketing related portions back here. The reasons for that will become more obvious after I find time to develop a few concepts I have for making the White Hat Crew...
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"The Silent Sales Machine Hiding On eBay" by Jim Cockrum, 136 page eBook (PDF)

The Bottom Line


Must Have

Price as of this writing: $24.97

This was long the top selling eBook on ClickBank, and is number two as of this writing.

I believe this honor is well deserved.

I haven't yet figure...
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White Hat Crew Hi. I'm Antone Roundy. I'm a strong believer in ethics, and have always tried to practice and promote ethical behavior in an industry where many slip over to the dark side. At White Hat Crew, I'll share insights into internet marketing, with extra emphasis on ethical issues.

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