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"Spice Up Your Website With 8
JavaScript and PHP Scripts"

Date: May 21, 2024
From: Antone Roundy

Dear webmaster,
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The White Hat Crew Web Script Collection includes 8 JavaScript and PHP scripts for your website:

  • Countdown: Create count-down timers. You control the formatting of the timer. Optionally hide or show webpage elements and/or trigger a JavaScript when the timer reaches zero. The timer is controlled by your server's time rather than the web browser's time, so it's accurate no matter what time zone the visitor is in.

    Check out this case study video where I show you how I used Countdown to increase banner ad click-throughs on one of my websites by over 2.6 times:

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  • ExternalPop: Display your own unblockable "hover windows" over the top of other people's webpages! It's great for affiliate marketing -- make it look like the product owner is displaying your comments over their sales page. Your hover windows can contain images, audio, video...anything that can appear in a webpage!
  • List Mailer GT Pro: The full version of my viral listing builder mailer script -- send your messages to 7 different viral mailing list building services all at the same time. No more logging into each of your accounts to send the same message over and over. It even handles personalization of your messages correctly for each service! Supported services include:
    1. List Bandit
    2. ListDotCom
    3. List Explode
    4. List Fire
    5. The List Machine
    6. Viral Mailing
    7. Your Lucky List

  • PopCard: Fit more content into the same space by putting it on "cards". When your website's visitor hovers over a card, the others slide out of the way to reveal its full content. Cards can be arranged vertically or horizontally. Hovering over a card can trigger your own custom JavaScript function. Includes example code showing how to put RSS feed items into Pop Cards using CaRP Evolution.
  • GrowThing: Dynamically zoom objects (text, images, etc.) on a webpage from small to full size. Zoom multiple objects at different speeds on the same page. It's a great way to draw attention to the important parts of your pages. (Not IE compatible -- objects stay at their normal size in IE).
  • Web Stickies: Little "Post-It Note"-like messages hover over your webpages till the visitor closes them. You control the styling and positioning of each message. Optionally enable visitors to redisplay all messages with a single click without reloading your page. It's a great way to add comments and annotations to articles from article directories, making them unique and adding value without violating the directory's terms of service.
  • Morpheus: Text morphing script -- dynamically morph text from one word or phrase to another. Automatically morph back and forth continuously, or morph when the mouse moves over the text.
  • Title Typer: Animate the text in the web browser's title bar. Each message appears a letter at a time as if it we're being typed -- eye-catching without being irritating. Run through any number of messages at any speed.

Get all 8 scripts for just $17!

Click to Buy Now

(For single server or company licenses, or to buy individual scripts click here.)