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Captcher: captcha generator and manager


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Captcher is a PHP script that generates and verifies captchas. Capiche? Captchas are images designed to prevent automated scripts from submitting web forms, and are used to prevent spamming via email forms and online forums, and other such problems.

Captcher generates captcha images on the fly, and thus does not need to be able to cache them. It can generate captchas of any length, and can have its fonts and colors configured as desired.

And yes, Captcher generated its own logo.


  • PHP with GD support for outputting GIFs (any reasonably up to date PHP installation)
  • mySQL
  • At least 1 GD font (download GD FontMaker to create your own unique captcha fonts)
  • Support for Perl or PHP cron jobs recommended -- otherwise you'll need to periodically run the cleanup script (which cleans unsolved captchas out of the database)

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