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GD Font Maker v1.1

Easy generate fonts to use with the GD library in PHP or other scripting languages.

What's This Script For?
One use for this script is to give users of Captcher, my PHP & GD powered captcha generator, an easy way to create unique fonts for their captchas. To get a free copy of Captcha and some other website scripts, subscribe here:

I'll never share your information with anyone, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

By www.puremango.co.uk, enhanced by Antone Roundy of Gecko Tribe

Download GD FontMaker (includes a font template in PNG and GIMP format), or try it out below...if you have a PNG file in the correct format.

First Character (default is a space)
Character Width
PNG Image
  • This script takes a PNG image as input and creates a GD compatible font from it.
  • All of the characters must be side-by-side.
  • Each character must be the same width.
  • The PNG image must be exactly the width of all the characters (ie. no extra padding).
  • The character height is taken from the PNG image height.
  • Characters must be in ASCII code order, ie.:
  • The font may begin and end at any character, omitting all the characters before and after. Omitted characters will be displayed as blank spaces.
  • Anything other than pure black in the PNG file will be treated as the background of the font; this is useful as it allows you to draw guidelines to help you position each character correctly.