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“Hi. I’m an Internet Marketer, and I Have a Problem.”

Internet marketers can be a compulsive bunch. When profits are down and they're feeling anxious, they're particularly susceptible to an unhealthy addiction. It's called "stat-oholism".

They know they should be working or spending time with their families. But they just can't resist the urge to check their stats. Over and over again.

"How much have...
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Content curation is often promoted as a "lazy" blogging technique. On its surface, it seems that way: instead of writing your own content, you simply republish excerpts from and links to other people's content.

And in fact, it is very easy to fill a blog with curated content.

But filling your subscriber list is a...
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Yesterday, I wrote about how to avoid information overload in a too-fast world. Today, let's talk about how to get your marketing message heard above the noise in a world where your prospects are overloaded.

Be Good Better the Best

Okay, being the best is a tall order. But at the very least, you've absolutely...
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The internet has given us instant access to more information and entertainment than we'd even dreamed would ever exist a few decades ago. On the one hand, we're empowered to accomplished more, faster than ever before.

But there's a downside too. A few days ago, Seth Godin asked, Has the speed shortage been averted?

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The criticism we're seeing of Google+ Circles is kinda funny to me:

Circles sound like a good idea on paper but in reality they don't work. Why? Two main reasons. One, because people cannot digitally organize their friends by interest. And two, even if you could nobody talks about that same interest constantly and nothing...
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I have a question for you (I'd appreciate it if you'd take a few seconds to drop by an leave your answer in the comments): do you read the comments on blogs? Do you only read them when you're considering posting a comment yourself? If you've left a comment, do you go back to engage...
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Google+ has gotten me thinking about ways to control the signal-to-noise ratio on social networks. I've got a few more suggestions for them.

The term "signal-to-noise ratio", for anyone not familiar with it, refers, for example, to how much of the sound coming out of your stereo speakers is music (signal) vs. how much of...
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Yesterday, I finally got an invite to Google+ (I'd been waiting all of a few days -- it was horrible!) So far, I like it. But there's one feature I'd really like to see added. I'll call it "Spheres".

First, in case you've been purposely ignoring everything that's been written about Google+ so far, let...
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You've heard the advice: "add a social component", "build a community", "make it interactive". So would it surprise you to hear that a major player in social networking succeeded by moving to a single player model?

Yesterday, Gabe Zichermann posted this over at Mashable:

The first incarnation of the location-based networking field was littered with...
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Yesterday, Google announced a bunch of new social features, grouped under the name "Google+". Some of them look nice enough, but it's going to take more than "nice enough" to prevent its being just another ho-hum Google Buzz.

Google Buzz fizzled because it was just Twitter warmed over. We already had our relationships established on...
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