Yesterday, I finally got an invite to Google+ (I'd been waiting all of a few days -- it was horrible!) So far, I like it. But there's one feature I'd really like to see added. I'll call it "Spheres".

First, in case you've been purposely ignoring everything that's been written about Google+ so far, let me explain what "Circles" is. It's a way to group your contacts so that you can more easily control who you share your posts with, and whose posts you see. (Circles also integrates with other features, but you get the idea.)

I love Circles. I've wanted this feature in Facebook. Not having it there is the reason why I don't use Facebook for business (other than to join business-related groups). If you've ever tried to friend me on Facebook and I didn't accept, you can complain to Facebook for not having Circles.

But Circles has a weakness. Right now, I have 6 circles -- 2 personal, 3 business-related, and one that's sort of in between.

When I post something that I want my 3 business Circles to see, I can select them and post it, and it's only visible to them. And what's cool is that the next time I post, the same Circles I selected last time are selected by default.

But what if my next post goes to my "Family" and "Friends" Circles? I have to redo my Circle selections. And then the next time I want to share with my 3 business Circles, I have to reselect them. I've got this funny feeling that might get to be a bit of a pain.

And there's a similar problem on the other end of the equation. When I'm reading what everyone else is posting, I can either view everything at once, or view one Circle at a time.

What I want is to be able to create Spheres that I can put Circles in, the same way that I can put people in Circles (ie. I want to be able to put the same Circle into multiple Spheres). Then, when it's time to share or read, I'd like to be able to select Spheres and get all the Circles that are in them at once.

Reader Comment:
Nick Andren said:
Antone, I see what you're saying. Spheres would be a great feature for Google to implement. I just went ahead and forwarded the link to this blog post to the Google+ feedback. Hopefully they'll give it a read.
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One more thing while I'm here. To connect with someone on Facebook, you "friend" them. To connect with someone on Twitter, you "follow" them. When you connect with someone on Google+, let's say you "Circle" them. Sound good?

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