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Even if, like me, you think astrology is a bunch of...let's call it "hooey", I'd be willing to bet that you enjoy reading it to see if it fits. In fact, you probably enjoy it whether it does or not. (If it does, it reinforces your self-image. If it doesn't, it gives you a chance...
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Marketers are a lot like germs.

They try to transfer ideas into living organisms (customers) in a way that enables them to survive, grow, and spread. But just as many bacteria are good for our bodies (like those that help us digest food), not all marketing is bad.

Healthy marketing helps prospects find products that...
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SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has decoded the first message received from outer space, and it contained a big surprise -- something internet marketers here on earth can learn a thing or two from.

The message came from an area of the Andromeda Galaxy referred to as the "Dorsal Fin".

SETI director John Aubrey...
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Google has announced their own rival to the Facebook "Like" button: +1.

Which is better? Let's give them a look.

Facebook "Like"

The Facebook "Like" button appears on a webpage. When a Facebook user clicks it, their name may be listed next to the button, and a note about it will appear on their Wall....
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Business is a lot easier if you're not the only one who cares about your success. But in a "WIIFM" world (what's in it for me), how do you make that happen?

Here are a few approaches to consider:

Tie their success to yours

The secret of capitalism -- the key that makes it "the...
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Back in July, Shane Snow posted an article on Mashable titled HOW TO: Use Game Mechanics to Power Your Business.

Common game elements like points, badges, leaderboards, and levels are proven (and increasingly popular) ways to engage customers and encourage profit-driving consumer behavior. Foursquare is a great example of why these work.

At the time,...
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[Update: Check the comments -- there's a reasonable explanation after all.] Mike Filsaime's new Twitter/Facebook client app has generated a lot of buzz the last few days. For the most part, it looks like a great idea and a useful app (I've noted some of the problems with the beta version in my previous post...
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What's the best way to keep up with your Twitter friends? You've got 3 options:

On the Twitter website

In an RSS feed reader

Using a dedicated Twitter client

On the Twitter website

There's a reason why so many Twitter clients have been created. I'm not saying the Twitter website is horrible, but it's n...
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Yesterday, I told you about Russell Brunson's Zero To $100 Million Challenge. I've only been in it for a day, and already I can tell you that this thing is genius on so many levels. But it's not only what he's teaching, it's also what he's doing.

First, you may already have noticed that he's...
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I'll be 100% up front with you -- I'm linking to a product I haven't seen yet, and I have an ulterior motive. But the product is free, and when I do get a chance to look at it, I'll post comments about it here. So here's where you come in...

Alok Jain has released...
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