I'll be 100% up front with you -- I'm linking to a product I haven't seen yet, and I have an ulterior motive. But the product is free, and when I do get a chance to look at it, I'll post comments about it here. So here's where you come in...

Alok Jain has released a new product called "Profit Maxim" that talks about how to earn buku bucks on ClickBank by spending small amounts on AdWords. Apparently he was going to sell if for $67, but decided instead to try a little experiment. So now it's free, but to get it, you have to get 10 people to sign up to get it (and of course, they'll have to refer 10 people to get it, so eventually some people are going to be out of luck).

So once again, here's where you come in -- click the following link, watch the video and listen to the soothing music, and then once you're thoroughly hypnotized, submit to the will of the opt-in form and sign up.


...or if after seeing the video you don't think it's worth getting onto an email list for (even though it's an AWeber hosted list which means that you can unsubscribe any time with two mouse clicks), then don't -- I'll just have to wait till 10 other people do.

Once I've got my copy, I'll post a few comments here and let you know whether I think it's worth trying to get 10 people to sign up under you.

BTW, clever idea -- build your list multiple times as fast by requiring people to not only join your list but get other people onto your list to get your freebie! I may have to try that! (Just make sure you're providing good value if you do that so that you won't hurt the reputations of the people who help you by telling their friends to join your list).