Business is a lot easier if you're not the only one who cares about your success. But in a "WIIFM" world (what's in it for me), how do you make that happen?

Here are a few approaches to consider:

Tie their success to yours

The secret of capitalism -- the key that makes it "the worst economic system except for the all the others" -- is that as long as we all play by the rules, seeking our own self interest automatically benefits others. That's because the only way to make money is by producing things that other people want, for a price they're willing to pay.

When you're dealing with people who don't particularly care about you -- which is most people -- the only way to get them to work for your success is to tie it to their own. For example, you could:

  • Pay them commissions for referring sales to you (ie. create an affiliate program).
  • Link to their sites, talk them up, etc. (the more successful you are, the more weight your links and recommendations will carry).
  • Offer them a prominent position in your tribe (if your tribe succeeds, they'll ride your coattails to success).
  • Offer products that benefit them (they may not care whether you make money selling them, but as long as they're buying, you don't need them to care).

Harness the power of relationships

There's only so much help you can get from people who are only looking out for themselves. If you want someone's consistent support, you've got to build relationships.

Many big name internet marketers won't even consider promoting a product for someone they have no relationship with. It's not that they're not motivated by the money -- of course they are -- but the money alone isn't enough.

They simply have enough options to choose from that they don't need any opportunity in particular. And since they're already making enough to pay the bills, they really don't need any more opportunities at all.

So who are they going to work with? Strangers or friends? One-time partners or people they have long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships with? It'd be silly to expect them to jump at an opportunity with a stranger.

The same is true, even if to a lesser degree, with anyone else. The closer the relationship, the more willing they'll be to help.


Relationships that have been nurtured over time, and where there's been a good balance of give and take, are the best. But as Dr. Robert Cialdini teaches, it's possible, by giving first, to earn the goodwill of strangers and get them to do something for you, even if there's no additional benefit to them in doing so.

Be their hero

Although people may not benefit materially when their heroes succeed, they benefit emotionally. Their identity as a supporter of a worthy hero can be enough to motivate them to share your message.

What makes person a hero worth rallying behind?

  • Working for a greater cause -- something that's not all about you. You might pledge a portion of your profits to charity, or vocally advocate something your supporters care about. The more they see that you genuinely care about the cause, the more they'll support you.
  • Excel at something your supporters admire.
  • Rise above the same challenges that your supporters face -- show them the way and give them hope.

Associate with people who care

Finally, there are people in the world who are looking for people they can help. They don't need to get anything back, and they don't need to have a relationship with the person first. If you can find some like that, and if you're the kind of person they're looking to help -- if your needs match their resources and abilities -- they're fantastic people to work with.

However, it's critical to remember that even altruists aren't looking for freeloaders to carry on their backs and leaches to suck their blood. They're looking for people who've fallen behind, need a boost, and will take their help and run with it.

When you accept their help, you're committing to working your tail off to make the most of it so that you won't need to ask again. You're committing to changing your way of doing things if needed in order to succeed. Don't expect anyone to keep you afloat while you blindly pursue a losing business model.

Let's help each other succeed

Earlier this year, I launched an online community designed to help internet marketers help each other succeed. I'll be the first to admit that it hasn't succeeded yet. I haven't put enough effort into building it to the point where it's sustained by the community. But I still believe in it.

I've been thinking for a while of making it 100% free until it's providing enough benefit to make paying for it a no-brainer. And this morning, I finally found the time to make the necessary changes to the site.

In the coming weeks -- perhaps after the new year (it's a busy time right now) -- I'll be ramping up my activity level on the site by hosting text/video chats on various subjects, etc. Since I work at home with small children, and frequently have commitments in the evening, I'll have to work out when I can do that without being disturbed. Keep your ears open for more as I'm able to sit down and plan it out more.

For now, head over to Next Gurus and list your upcoming product launches on the calendar, participate in the forum, schedule chats, etc. You'll need a Twitter account to join and log in. (I use Twitter for log in so that you don't have to create a new account and remember a new password, and to make it easy to follow and be followed by people you meet there.)

Success is possible. And we'll all get there faster if we work together than if we try to do it on our own.

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