Yesterday, I told you about Russell Brunson's Zero To $100 Million Challenge. I've only been in it for a day, and already I can tell you that this thing is genius on so many levels. But it's not only what he's teaching, it's also what he's doing.

First, you may already have noticed that he's ensuring a huge number of signups by paying $1 for each referral on the first level and 25 cents (I think) on the second level. If you do something like that, you do have to be ready to detect fraudulent referrals to avoid losing your shirt, but as Russell has said, they have experience with that from doing a similar promotion last year. Last night, Russell said they have a few new signups every second.

Second, every time someone signs up, a blog is created for them on the DotComSecrets website. So they're going to get a ton of content generated on their site. Some of us have and are using our own blogs, but many will use theirs.

Third, throughout the series, there are going to be 24 assignments, and I'm fairly certain that each of them is going to involve posting to one's blog. In each of those blog posts, many people are going to talk about and link to the Challenge website, and perhaps others of Russell's webpages. This is going to generate an unbelievably massive number of links to his sites.

Fourth, throughout the series, I'm sure he's going to be posting affiliate links to useful products and services that people can use to complete their assignments. I don't think there's anything underhanded about this -- he's not locking people into any particular product or service, and I trust that he won't make bad recommendations to earn commissions (he often recommends free products when they're available and the quality is good enough). But I'll bet he makes a ton of money off those affiliate links -- probably more than enough to pay all the commissions he's going to be sending out.

Reader Comment:
Jared| said:
I just checked the video and I think what you've mentioned are very much a strategy to keep his name circulating in the web. He's trying to tell his viewers to join and make money but at the same time, his actual purpose is still for self benefits.
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Fifth, by frequently personally engaging with the participants over a long period of time, he's going to build a lot of loyalty to himself as a teacher, so I'm sure he'll be able to get a lot of people into his membership sites, coaching programs, etc.

I knew from the start that this was going to be great for his business, but the more I see, the more obvious it is that this is going to be absolutely huge.