I joined ListDotCom a while back, and after a few emailings, had the distinct impression that most people on the site ignore most if not all of the email they receive through it. So I decided to run a little survey. The response rate was even worse than I'd expected. View the Results.

Below is the message I sent asking people to participate in the survey. I'll have to try it again sometime after tweaking the email a little. Has anybody had success on these kinds of sites? Any tricks you could share about how to get people to respond?

Hi [name],

Do you ever wonder whether anyone opens
the messages you send through ListDotCom?
Do you ever wonder whether the messages
are even getting sent? You're not alone!

I'm conducting a little survey based on a
mailing to 5000 ListDotCom members.
First, we'll see how many people click
through to the survey. Second, we'll find
out how often those people read and
respond to emails they get through the

I won't save any information that could
be used to personally identify you.  Your
ListDotCom ID number appears in the URL
only to assist with response rate

Click here to take the 3-question survey
and check the current results"
[Link to survey]
Let's find out how much bang the average
member here really gets for their buck!
Antone Roundy