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I've got a question for you today. I've been considering which affiliate programs to add support for to Affiliate Afterburner/WP (I just added ClickBank support), and it got me thinking about different types of affiliate programs and the capabilities they offer.

Individual vs. Networks

On the one hand, you have big networks like ClickBank, Commission...
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I've been hearing the term "thought leadership" bandied about a bit lately -- often in relation to content curation. This morning, I read an article on FeldThoughts that set thought leadership in a slightly different light for me.

Brad Feld shared an email he'd received from Chris Moody saying:

When I think about FG [Foundry...
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I'd like to hear your opinion on what I'm going to talk about today. Do you think this technique is ethical?

Over at Persuasion Theory this morning, Matt Fox wrote:

In research, students went door-to-door selling note cards for charity. In the some households they said a packet of 8 cards was "three dollars; it's...
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After my first year of college, I took two years off to live in Japan. During the winter, my friends and I would frequently hear the doleful sound of the baked potato trucks in the distance -- a continuous, monotone whistle.

As the truck slowly came closer, we'd hear a voice singing "ishii yaki imo,...
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While looking through my list of flagged items from Seth Godin's blog this morning, I came across this one:

Interesting & Interested

... it helps to be both. These are the two ways you earn attention.

If it's so obvious, why is it so difficult?

It helps to be either. And if you're both, th...
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Yesterday over at Daily Blog Tips, Daniel Scocco shared a hint about the kinds of email requests he responds to:

...the requests I reply to always create a win-win situation. That is, the other part wants something, but she is also willing to do something for me, so everyone will be happy in the end....
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The AWeber blog this morning carried a little debate over whether you should ask for more than a name and email address in your signup form. Here's an excerpt:

Nick: ... We tend to think of our mailing lists as something we give to our subscribers for free, but that's kind of a flawed assumption....
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Once in a while, I read a blog post that looks suspiciously like a rewrite of one of my own -- especially if it appears a few days after I publish something I'm especially proud of. It's probably just coincidence, but I can't help wondering. (For the record, I 100% approve of borrowing ideas from...
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Once again, Seth Godin has said something that sparked deeper thoughts. Bear with me, and I'll show you how it applies to your marketing:

When I'm on the bike path riding my truly weird recumbent bicycle, sometimes I pass someone else similarly outfitted. And I wave.


Of course, we're not waving at the other...
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Internet marketing pros are always saying that you've got to differentiate or die. But is that true? Something Seth Godin wrote wrote yesterday day got me thinking:

No one expects that dinner at Alinea should cost the same as dinner at McDonald's. After all, even though the calories are the same, the quality, attention to...
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