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Before we get to internet marketing, let's talk about the "Stupid Tax". According to the Urban Dictionary, it's:

The cost associated with engaging in any state sanctioned form of long odds gambling, i.e. playing the lottery.

Why "Stupid Tax"? As I wrote back in July:

I once calculated that winning the lottery is about like...
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Multiple Streams of Income, or Focus on One Thing?

Question: should you focus on one thing, or diversify?

Answer: no.

You should do both. But in the right way.

Today, Terry Dean posted a collection of 21 habits of successful entrepreneurs. Two that jumped out at me were:

3. Choose one market and focus on it.

It's tough for experienced marketers to manage several...
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I was going to say "introductory premium price", but I think we're a little muddy on the meaning of "premium".

When I hear "premium", I think "better". But in fact, premium means "a sum added to an ordinary price or charge." It's what you pay extra to get something better.

Normally, we expect introductory prices...
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How do you get prospects to buy your products? Not by convincing them to want it, but by showing them that it's what they already want.

A few days ago, Bryan Eisenberg shared a list of 20 reasons why people buy. Here are a few (click the link to see the rest that he lists...and...
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I was browsing the archives of Dr. Mani's blog today and came across this article about pricing (discussing something he learned from Dan Kennedy):

That lesson in pricing remained one of my most profitable in the 15 years I've been creating and selling infoproducts online. It distills down to this simple principle:

"Price lesser than...
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Ever since Amazon launched their "Simple Email Service" (SES), I've been wanting to try it out. Yesterday, I finally got around to sending my first test message. I used a PHP class created by Dan Myers based on one created by Donovan Schonknecht. But I wasn't quite satisfied with it.

The biggest shortcoming is that...
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Once again, Seth Godin has written something that make me think:

When Google + launched, millions of formerly optimistic people became optimistic again. Maybe this was going to be the one, the social network with just the smart people and none of the lame stuff, none of the spam or the pitches or the people...
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A few days ago, ClickBank posted some welcome news on their blog:

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing high quality products to consumers, ClickBank is adjusting certain fees relating to refund and chargeback rates for ClickBank vendors. These changes will affect a very small number of ClickBank vendors, and will not affect affiliates....
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Last Friday, after publishing the post about Google's quality raters handbook (which I'd found through a post on "Pot Pie Girl's" blog), I spent a little time looking over her older posts and found an interesting one showing the results of an email subject line test she ran back in March.

I thought I'd share...
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I found an interesting post from PotPieGirl this morning that included a link to Google's 2011 Quality Raters Handbook. I'm not going to talk about the same things that she talks about, so I recommend clicking over there and reading her post.

Near the end, she writes:

...if we can each train ourselves to be...
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