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Once upon a time, there was a farmer with a plow horse. Every day, the farmer and the horse worked together to grow crops.

The work was hard, but they produced lots of food. Some they ate. Some they sold and made money to use to buy other things they needed. All in all, they...
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In the year 1770, Voltaire had a message for internet marketers: "The best is the enemy of good." In other words, stop worrying about whether you've crushed the last little flaw in your product or website, and just launch it. If you wait for perfection, you'll never launch.

Why is this such hard advice for...
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There's an enemy that you have to face if you want to run your own business -- online or otherwise. It keeps a lot of good business ideas from ever being developed at all. It keeps others on the sidelines or in the shadows.

If you're an entrepreneur who's not thriving (or if you've wanted...
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You're a pitbull. You wake up every morning running, and push your business forward for eight solid hours, and then live your personal life with just as much passion till the moment you drop off to sleep at night. No obstacle can stop you, or even slow you down.

And you get results.

But are...
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SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has decoded the first message received from outer space, and it contained a big surprise -- something internet marketers here on earth can learn a thing or two from.

The message came from an area of the Andromeda Galaxy referred to as the "Dorsal Fin".

SETI director John Aubrey...
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Float Your Business on a Rising Tide

I've got a revelation for you today: we're in a recession. Oh, you'd already noticed?

A lot of people have watched their businesses shrivel over the last few years. No matter how they tweak their marketing, there's just not as much money flowing around for them to dip into.

I've experience it myself. Within months...
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I've been thinking a lot about collaboration between internet marketers recently. My impression is that most of us don't do nearly enough.

To learn more about how internet marketers do and don't collaborate, why or why not, and where we could focus attention to improve collaboration, I've put together a short survey.

Take the Survey...
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I'm posting a little late tonight. I spent most of the work-day dealing with furnace problems -- not something that can be ignored in Nebraska at this time of year.

My furnace guy (a.k.a. friend who does furnace work, who I know won't recommend $1,000 in unnecessary repairs) is out of town today, so I...
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Interview: Terry Dean on Market Selection, Conversion, Coaching, and More

Last month, I interviewed marketing coach Terry Dean. I went in with 6 questions, expecting to come out with a nice little blog post. What I got was amazing. Terry gave the kind of in-depth answers that a lot of gurus would package up and sell you as MP3s with an upsell to get the...
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Internet marketing gurus claim that anyone can make a fortune online following some system or other. And it may even be true. But that doesn't mean internet marketing is right for everybody.

Lots of people get started in internet marketing hoping to make a quick and easy fortune. They're lead to believe that they can...
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White Hat Crew Hi. I'm Antone Roundy. I'm a strong believer in ethics, and have always tried to practice and promote ethical behavior in an industry where many slip over to the dark side. At White Hat Crew, I'll share insights into internet marketing, with extra emphasis on ethical issues.

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