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If you've read this blog long enough, you've probably heard me mention my free PDF, The Great Big Picture of Internet Marketing. In just a few pages, it gives you an overview of what you need to do to start your internet marketing business off on a solid foundation.

Seth Godin reminded me of the...
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Marketers spend a lot of time trying to get customers to choose them. One thing that makes it easier is to spend some time up front choosing your customers.

Back in July, Seth Godin wrote:

Many organizations will take any customer, any time, and bend and writhe to accommodate money in whatever form it arrives....
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I read a great post on productivity over at Entrepreneur's Journey this morning. Aziz Ali posted five simple productivity tips, including:

2. Eat That Frog

...Eat That Frog in a nutshell means to do those tasks first that you do not want to do the most.

That reminded me of something I wrote back in...
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I read an interesting article this morning about the most common reason why startups fail. It wasn't what I would have guessed...but looking back, I once made the same mistake myself, and it was pretty expensive.

Joanna Glasner wrote:

Researchers found that certain factors "“ such age and gender of founders, location, and previous entrepreneurial...
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“Hi. I’m an Internet Marketer, and I Have a Problem.”

Internet marketers can be a compulsive bunch. When profits are down and they're feeling anxious, they're particularly susceptible to an unhealthy addiction. It's called "stat-oholism".

They know they should be working or spending time with their families. But they just can't resist the urge to check their stats. Over and over again.

"How much have...
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Some people may be born to be entrepreneurs, but even they have to be made.

My dad was an entrepreneur. He got his PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford, discovered a new way to measure the output of lasers, created a company, and (after many years of struggling, during which we kids thought McDonalds was...
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This post is about marketing -- not religion -- but the Bible sure put it well.

Something Seth Godin posted today got me thinking:

The naive farmer farms as his parents, grandparents and great grandparents did. She plants, hopes and harvests...

The professional farmer measures. She tests. She understands how systems work and is constantly...
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A common problem with internet marketers is that they jump from trend to trend, gimmick to gimmick, loophole to loophole, always hoping that this time, it'll be their turn to hit the jackpot.

Just like the lottery, it's true that people do win. But the odds are probably about as good, er, bad.

I once...
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I woke up this morning with an image in my mind that I'd seen years ago while living in San Francisco. We were in a drought, and people who used more water than they had the same month of the previous year risked significant penalties.

It was then that I noticed the green driveways.

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In today's episode of Battle of the Marketing Maxims, we'll pit Henry Ford against the elusive Deep Throat to explore the question: is it smarter to innovate, or should you "follow the money" and stick to markets where people are already spending?

Representing Deep Throat, we have a quote from Marketing Coach Terry Dean:

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White Hat Crew Hi. I'm Antone Roundy. I'm a strong believer in ethics, and have always tried to practice and promote ethical behavior in an industry where many slip over to the dark side. At White Hat Crew, I'll share insights into internet marketing, with extra emphasis on ethical issues.

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