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Learning lessons in the school of hard knocks hurts. But there's something you can do to ease the pain and maximize the benefit you get from it: share your experience.

Over at ProBlogger, Sanjeev wrote about a time when his blog got hacked:

Once my blog was clean, I dug into it further, to check...
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If you were watching carefully, you may have noticed a little change to the White Hat Crew blog recently: underneath each post title, where it says "Posted by Antone Roundy", the name is now a link. The reason for the change is that it's time to start accepting guest posts, and it only seems right...
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Over at BlogRiffers.com, I just announced the winner of the first Riff-On Blog Riffing contest. This time, the winner got a free copy of SEO Content Factory. Next week, we'll run another contest and give away an affiliate marketing-related prize.

While reading some of the entries in the contest, several things jumped out at me...
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I'm trying to decide whether or not to agree with something Brian Clark wrote over at Copyblogger:

If someone asks you what's for dinner, you can stick with the substance:

Tonight we're having pasta for dinner.

Or you can add a bit of craft and style to make it more tangible:

Tonight we'll enjoy a...
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I just noticed this on Yaro Starak's blog, and thought it important enough to be worth taking a day off from regular blog posts to highlight it:

At the end of this month, September 2011, my course Blog Mastermind will close forever.

Only current members and those who join before the end of the month...
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I had a fun idea last night to start up a friendly Blog Riffing competition.

Here are the basics of how it'll work:

I'll announce an article from someone's blog for everyone to Riff on (starting in marketing, and branching out to other niches as I find out what niches people are interested in).

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I was thinking this morning about blog commenting. Lots of people are sharing lots of opinions on it lately:

Commenting is in decline -- everybody's sharing via social media instead.

Commenting isn't as valuable as it used to be -- all the links are no-followed, and nobody reads the comments anyway.

You may as wel...
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It's my anniversary! Not my wedding anniversary -- that was back in April. My daily blogging anniversary. I used to be a pretty lame blogger, averaging less than three posts per month. So if you've tried to blog regularly before and failed, I've been in your shoes. And I can tell you from experience that...
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A few days ago, Daniel Scocco shared a few lessons he's learned growing a blog to a million monthly pageviews. Here are the first two:

1. Choose Your Niche Wisely

Most people who read this blog [meaning Daily Blog Tips] probably think it is my largest and most profitable website. Well, it's not... Niches like...
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The video from last month about how to configure SEO Content Factory for blogging workgroups generated a lot of interest, along with some great feature requests. So I knuckled down and went to work. And last week, I released a new workgroup version named SEO Content Factory/WG.

Here's a video that'll show you how you...
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