I had a fun idea last night to start up a friendly Blog Riffing competition.

Here are the basics of how it'll work:

  1. I'll announce an article from someone's blog for everyone to Riff on (starting in marketing, and branching out to other niches as I find out what niches people are interested in).
  2. Anyone who wants to participate will grab a quote from it and use it as the seed for an article on their own blog.
  3. Participants will tweet a link to their article using the "#RiffOn" hash tag (I'll find the entries by monitoring the hash tag).
  4. The best Riff will be chosen, and the winner will get a badge that they can put on their winning article. And they and any honorable mentions will be listed on (and linked to from, of course) one of my other blogs.

For more details, see the announcement on my Gecko Tribe blog.

Are you in?