I read an interesting post today over a Smart Passive Income, where Pat Flynn wrote about creating a starting point page for your blog:

A starting point is a page on a website that gives new readers clear direction and it's totally underutilized in the blogosphere.

Why is this important?

Because blogs are a huge mess.

There is hardly any order to the posts that are published and although there is the occasional 2-part, 3-part or n-part series that keeps a few posts in order, they are simply a group of ordered posts in an unordered web of chaos.

I'd never really thought about that. Sure, you've got "About" page that introduces you, and sure, you can list your best posts in your sidebar. But neither of those is ideal for giving new readers a clear picture of what to expect from your blog.

That clear picture is what's going to help them decide whether or not to subscribe. Is this just another internet marketing blog, or is there something unique about it that appeals to me?

Check out Pat's post -- it goes into more detail about why a starting point is important, and lists several things that would be good to include on your starting point page.

I've started creating my own starting point page here.