Over at Daily Blog Tips today, Daniel Scocco fielded a question today about whether to approve Pingbacks:

The purpose of having trackbacks and pingbacks is to foster conversations among bloggers. By inter-linking the posts that are referencing each other it becomes easier to follow the different opinions and takes on specific issues.


I think having trackbacks and pingbacks does add value to your visitors, but most of that value is lost if most of your trackbacks are coming from spam and scraper sites. Given that this is probably what's going to happen today, I would simply turn them off.

I can't say I like the fact that I'm not going to get a pingback for linking to his post. But I certainly understand his point of view.

This is another case of how people who selfishly steal others' resources hurt so many people. I'm sure there are some out there who think, "If I install Deep Link Engine (or a similar plugin) and use it to get backlinks, it helps me. And a few outbound links to blog posts that aren't that closely related won't really hurt anybody."

Baloney, to put it mildly.

It's exactly that kind of thinking (in conjunction with all the spammers who know they're hurting people but just don't care) that's going to keep me from getting a pingback link for a legitimate link.

And it's exactly that kind of thinking that's going to prevent anyone who visits Daily Blog Tips from finding this addition to that conversation.

I don't have the "problem" of getting so many comments and pingbacks that I can't moderate them, so I've kept them turned on here. To Daniel's recommendation, I'd add the words, "If moderating spam becomes too much of a pain..." Otherwise, leave them on.

And before you decide it's too much of a pain, try an anti-spam plugin like Spam Karma and see if that gets it under control.

Reader Comment:
Rick said:
Why don't you use Akismet or WP-Spam Free plugin. I personally use them myself and love it.
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(Note: I haven't tried Spam Karma yet. From what I've read, it sounds like it does a lot of the things I was imagining wanting to do. It hasn't been updated for a few years, so it may need some work...which I'm putting on my "maybe to-do list").