I just noticed an email I'd received from Dan Thies & Leslie Rohde about the release of version 3 of their Link Liberation SEO training and software. So I dropped by the site to take a look, watched a few of their videos, tried out the software, and was floored by what I saw.

Before I get started on what floored me, let me be clear that I'm not talking about their SEO and link building training. I haven't been through it. I trust that it's probably great. If you like what you see, then by all means, take the training.

But when you're ready to start posting abstracts or other content, do yourself a favor and use SEO Content Factory instead.

I was floored not by the power of the "Cur8r" software, but by how little it does. But before I get into that, let me point out the advantages it has over SEO Content Factory:

  1. You don't need a website to run it
  2. No installation is required
  3. You can use it for free

For some people, those are important advantages (hey, even I like the "free" part), but I'm pretty sure that's a comprehensive list.

By contrast, here's a partial list of Cure8r's disadvantages (some of which I'm sure they'll address in updates. I'm just surprised that they opened their doors before beefing up their software a bunch more):

  1. It only publishes to WordPress blogs (SEO Content Factory publishes to WordPress, Blogger, Twitter, Posterous, and Tumblr)
  2. It only refreshes feeds when you click a button to tell it to (SEO Content Factory refreshes feeds automatically, and if you've got it set up right, it even refreshes when you don't have it running on your computer, so you won't miss anything, even in high-volume feeds)
  3. Since the data is stored on your computer (even though it runs off of their server), you can only access your subscriptions from the computer you subscribed from (SEO Content Factory stores data on your server, so you can access it from any web-connected computer)
  4. It doesn't prepare an excerpt from the article you're commenting on for you to use as a starting point for creating your content (SEO Content Factory does, automatically)
  5. It's designed only for posting very short comments (SEO Content Factory can do that, or post full-length articles, or anything in between)
  6. If a feed you're subscribed to only contains an excerpt from an article, it won't show you the full content (SEO Content Factory comes with a plugin that fetches the full content for you)
  7. You can only view the headlines from one feed at a time, so running through all your feeds requires a lot of clicking (SEO Content Factory shows all your headlines together, by default, but can show them a folder at a time or a feed at a time)
  8. You can't organize your subscriptions in folders (SEO Content Factory supports nested folders to any depth you want)
  9. No filtering or search capabilities (SEO Content Factory can automatically filter out content you're not interested in, and enables you to search your feeds on a feed-by-feed or folder-by-folder basis, or all feeds at once)
  10. It has no workgroup capabilities -- since your data is all stored on your computer, how could it? (SEO Content Factory/WG enables workgroups to divide the work between them, and even the non-"WG" version supports some features that could be used by workgroups)
  11. If you want to specify a category or categories for your posts to go under, you have to type them out (SEO Content Factory automatically fetches the categories from your blog and enables you to select one or more from a list)

There are a few more things that jumped out at me, but I'll leave it at that.

Reader Comment:
Whitney Segura said:
I have personally been through LL1, LL2, and LL3 most recently, and I can tell you without a doubt, each course gets better & better. Just as anything these two guys do together. I had the opportunity to work with Dan and Leslie last year at Mark...
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By all means, check out their introductory videos, give the software a spin, and if the training looks interesting to you, go for it. Then go to SEOContentFactory.com, download my free eBook on how to generate high-quality content (plus a unique idea or two for how to monetize it), and try out the live demo of SEO Content Factory. I don't think you'll have much trouble deciding which software to use.