Here's something I stumbled across today from the "ain't it the truth" department. If you've never written an eBook, read what Ali Luke wrote:

So what's stopping you? I think I know ...

Maybe you think you don't know how. Sure, you're comfortable with writing blog posts, but an ebook is a totally different animal.

Or is it?

To make a long story short (I recommend clicking through and reading the not so long story too) it's not all that different. If you can blog, and your blog isn't utter garbage, you can write an eBook.


Here's how:

  1. Download OpenOffice
  2. Go through your blog and copy several of your favorite posts that are thematically related.
  3. Paste them into an OpenOffice Writer document.
  4. Tweak and add more as desired.
  5. Add title, about the author, and any other pages you wish.
  6. Make sure you've got a link to your website in there somewhere (this is why I recommend OpenOffice vs. a "print to PDF" tool -- OpenOffice preserves links when you export).
  7. Export it as a PDF.

Writing an eBook is one of those "sounds hard until you try it" things. As soon as you've tried it once, you'll realize how easy it is.