As I mentioned in my last post, this blog was in need of a facelift. And today, it's here. (You can see what it used to look like in a screenshot at the end of the previous post.)

The goal of the new theme is to reduce distractions, so that you can get right to the content. The header has been shortened, the sidebar made narrower (and of course, the content area wider), and colors muted.

On narrower screens, the sharing buttons used to overlap some of the content, unless you clicked to collapse them. So I've moved them from the side to the top, and collapsed them by default (I may duplicate them at the end of each post later -- I haven't decided yet.)

If you click in the upper sidebar (anywhere above the search form), you'll notice something else new -- to clean up the sidebar, some of the text has been moved out of sight by default. Clicking anywhere in the sidebar expands it. Clicking on the body of the page will shrink the sidebar back down.

This also makes it possible to add more text without adding clutter (like what you see next to the Kindle book image.)

As mentioned in the last article, with less elements on the page shouting for attention, it's much easier to emphasize the things that are the most important. For example, when you get to the bottom of an article, is there any question what I'd like you to do next?

Leave a comment and let me know what works for you, and what doesn't.