I've been listening to the Stomper Net DVDs. They've got a TON of information packed into them. Honestly though, I wonder whether it's too much of a good thing.

Don't get me wrong -- these guys know their stuff, and if you want to be an SEO Grand Master, their course if for you. But what if you just want to get your underwater basket weaving website ranked higher? You want to be a master or weaving, not of the web.

Do you really need to know all this stuff, or could you get by just picking and choosing a few SEO techniques that deliver the best results with the least study and work, and master and implement those?

I'm thinking of writing a short eBook or special report on what every webmaster should know and do about SEO (which may not be exactly the same things -- for example, you might need to know how to do link trades so that you can outsource the work and know how to assess the performance of the people you hire to do it).

So what do you think? What should everyone know about SEO? What should they do themselves? What should they outsource? Are their things they need to know but neither do nor outsource? How much theoretical knowledge vs. tactical knowledge should every webmaster have?