I haven't been running AdSense ads on my blogs for quite a while now, but today, I decided to bring them back into the mix. Two blog posts contributed to the decision.

First, I was checking out the websites of a few people who've posted comments here at White Hat Crew, and came across an article by Jeremy Young:

All I did was remove the Adsense ad from the sidebar and placed it just under the headline...

After making these few small changes my results improved immediately. I think it was the very same day that I re-arranged the ad postioning that I saw the income improve.

Then, there was an article by Daniel Scocco over at Daily Blog Tips:

AdSense certainly is not suitable for all types of sites, and there are other monetization strategies that can be more profitable in some situations (e.g., selling your own products). That being said, and as far as monetizing your site with ads goes, I think AdSense is the best advertising network on the Internet.

Except for one brief stint of a few months when one of my sites was ranking high for a bunch of different keywords (using techniques I won't discuss, because it was the most "gray hat" thing I've ever done, and got part of the site penalized), AdSense has never been a big money maker for me. And I don't expect it to make a fortune now either.

But the payouts used to come in handy from time to time when I needed a little more cash. So I figure it's worth checking out again.

What do you think -- is AdSense a big enough money maker to be worth using, or does it just send traffic away from your site for pennies a click?