I've had a hankering to do some guest posting. But rather than pitching ideas to the Big Boys' blogs, I thought I'd try something a little outside the box and throw out an offer to post on your blogs.

To make this fun, I'll keep the offer open to a wide variety of topics -- not just internet marketing or other things I've blogged about before. Challenge me!

If you'd like me to write some content for your blog, here's how let's do it:

  • Post a tweet on Twitter telling me how to find your blog (name or link to it), and why you want me to guest post on it, why I should want to, or something like that. Be creative.
  • Link to this post from your tweet. (I'm subscribed to a Twitter search that shows me all links to this blog, so I'll see your tweet.) You can use this URL if you wish (it's is a shortened link to this post): http://iaago.com/qe
  • If you've got room, feel free to address your tweet to @AntoneRoundy (that's me), but you don't need to shorten your message to make that fit -- the link to this post is how I'll be watching for these tweets, not my username.
  • I'll pick one or more blogs and contact you (via Twitter, your contact form, or whatever) to let you know what I'm thinking of writing (feel free to request a particular topic in your tweet), and we'll work it out from there.
  • Restrictions: no "adult" blogs, nothing related to gambling, products restricted by age (tobacco, alcohol, etc.), no blogs that promote hate, etc. If you've read my blog long, you should have some idea of what I'd object to.

Sounds good? Let's have some fun.