If you've ever tried recording yourself talking on video (or audio) for a podcast, vodcast, marketing video, etc., you know how difficult it can be to remember everything you wanted to say, and speak smoothly. In my experience, it's easier just to record multiple takes and splice it all together in editing than to get the whole thing right in one shot.

To make it easier...or even possible...it helps to have a teleprompter that will automatically scroll your script so that you can read it rather than trying to remember the whole thing or ad-lib without rambling.

My brother and I are shooting a lot of video for a few big projects we're working on right now. So I created a browser-based teleprompter for us to use. And now I've spruced it up a little bit and hosted it on this website for you to use, too.

You'll find my free, online teleprompter here.