If you haven't been watching The Next Internet Millionaire, you've been missing some interesting content. (If you go there, click "More Episodes" below the video to start from the beginning.) I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm learning tons from it, though there are useful nuggets of information here and there (if I were newer to internet marketing, I may be learning a lot more), but it's still worth listening to on my second computer while I work and turning to watch from time to time.

Today I just want to throw out some White Hat Crew love to one of the participants, Jason Marshall. On the most recent episode, there was some disagreement over the proper nature of the competition: whether it should be a game that you play to win even if that means playing the politics and being dishonest, or whether it's about showing your internet marketing chops and letting the best competitor win. I agree with Jason and not with Thor, nor somewhat surprisingly with Joel.

The end result of the competition will be a $25,000 prize to the winner and an opportunity to be a joint venture partner with Joel Comm. If it were all about the prize money, I'd say go ahead and win using any ethical method you can think of. And within the context of such a competition, I think that some deception and politicking is fair game.

But it shocked me to hear Joel say that it is a game (meaning that he's fine with people trying to game the game), because after all, for him, isn't it about getting the best possible JV partner? Does he really want to work with the person who's best at fooling everyone else in the room and finding ways to dodge the bullet when they goof up?

On the other hand, perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised. While I won't go so far as to call him a dirty marketer, from time to time, I have seen Joel's name attached to things that I would not want mine associated with. So kudos to Jason for being a true White Hat man and standing 100% behind his ethics even when the stakes were high. Watch episode 10 to see exactly what I mean by that.

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Jason Stanley Marshall said:
Antone, Thank you so much for your kind words about me. I truly appreciate it. This is my first time to your website (my wife stumbled upon it in Google while doing a search for people talking about me) ... but I'm definitely going to check it ou...
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