Mark Worthen made a post on his blog titled "My Best Marketing Strategies". Since his and mine aren't quite the same, I thought I'd post my own list.

* Make a free version of your product and giving it away to drive people to your commercial version.

* Use an autoresponder like AWeber-- for my first few years online, I gave away a free version of CaRP without requiring people to give me their name and email address. Big mistake! Now that I have an autoresponder, I have a list of thousands of people who I can send updates to, and every time I do, I mention the great feature enhancements that have gone into the commercial version. Plus I can email them about special upgrade offers. Or I can ask them to take a survey (which I did recently and learned some interesting things I'd never have guessed about my market).

* Create more products. Some of my products only earn me a couple hundred dollars a month, but many products making a couple hundred a month for many months adds up to a lot of money.

* Create lots of webpages/websites and link them to each other. Then when you create a new website (and link to it from your other sites), it'll get listed in Google in no time. And if you've got a page you particularly want to push up in the search engine ranks, you'll have a lot of leverage without having to get anyone else to link to it. Important note: I'm not recommending creating junk websites. We don't need any more of those.

* Blog. It's the easiest way to implement the above bullet point.

* Use CaRP (or some other RSS to HTML converter) to add dynamic content to your webpages both to entice people to return, and so that the search engines will consider your site more fresh. A few examples of how this has worked for me: Net Pulse News, (defunct).

Reader Comment:
Mark Sim said:
Blog writing and multiple websites is a reliable and time-tested strategy that is one of the best SEO approaches that we have found. It is time-consuming, however but it is also the most reliable white hat strategy available to businesses.
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* Build industry contacts. A good way to start is to figure out who you want to network with and then do them favors -- alert them to problems on their websites, let them know something they apparently don't know (like if they blog about something but seem to be missing an important point), etc.

That'll do for now. What are some of your best marketing strategies?