I've been thinking recently that I need to start establishing contacts in the internet marketing community. I've made a short list of people I've had limited contact with a few big names before, but nothing very substantial or ongoing. Yesterday, reading Alex Jeffreys' "Post Launch Profits" (which you can get for free, by the way) finally spurred me to action.

To chronicle my efforts, share what I learn, and perhaps assist in making it happen, I've created a (now defunct) new website at Guru-Stalker.com (gurustalker without the hyphen was taken, but just has a parked page on it right now). My first victim will be Russell Brunson.

The site features a blog and a "news radar" (basically an blog search feed converted to HTML for display on the page) that searches for anything written about Russell Brunson. In the blog, I'll discuss general ideas for establishing contact with big name people, as well as specific things that I do in my quest, and the results that I see.

...and I'm thinking of whipping up an entertaining little song to have playing on the site. You'll have to wait and see what that's going to be!