I could post my affiliate link for the 7 Figure Code here and hope for some $225 commissions, but I'm not going to, because I can't honestly say that I can offer you as good a deal on it as I've found elsewhere...well, maybe it wouldn't be impossible, but I'm going to tell you about the other deal anyway. If you're considering buying (or if you haven't heard of it yet), here's what I recommend -- go to Gary Ambrose's blog and check out the deal he's offering. Buy through his link and get $25 back immediately, his "Stacking Methodology" coaching series, Diamond membership for two of his list building sites, and some other bonus that he doesn't name there.

That link above isn't any kind of "second level affiliate link" -- I'm not getting anything for it. But if you find it useful, you may want to subscribe to my mailing list (see the form on the right side of my blog homepage) to be notified of other hot deals I come across.