I'm listening to an interview with Andy Jenkins and fellow Nebraskan Jeremy Shoemaker (a.k.a. Shoemoney) this morning, and just heard something funny I thought you might enjoy.

Jeremy is talking about how he uses controversy to get links. One key, he says, is to take a controversial position on things that other people have a strong opinion on. Otherwise, who's going to bother telling "their side of the story", right?

What made me laugh was this comment:

It's kinda like with my April Fools Day jokes...I only approve comments that are with me, because the people that I don't approve -- then they have to go on their blog, and they have to tell their story if they want to be heard.

...these people will go to forums, they'll go to every place...

...and they end up linking from the forum or their blog post to Shoemoney's blog.

Hilarious. And clever.

I don't recommend being a jerk to try to get people riled up. But don't shy away from expressing your honest opinion, even if it runs against the grain.

Especially if it runs against the grain.

Without apology.

Light the fire, and help it spread.