The other day, I read where someone had commented that PPC traffic is cold traffic, and you need to sell to it differently than you would to, say, a warm mailing list. (I wish I remembered where I heard that, because I'd love to credit someone for sparking some big ideas.)

While waiting for my daughter to finish her gymnastics class today, I scribbled out a page and half of notes about how to communicate differently with website visitors based on how "warm" they're likely to be. These ideas are still a work in progress, but I thought I'd share them in case they'd benefit someone.

Don't just create a "customer avatar"...

Copywriting teachers often tell you that before you write a sales letter or even a squeeze page, you need to have a very clear picture in your mind of who you're writing to. You want to create in your mind a person who embodies the characterstics, problems, needs, etc. of your ideal customer. (This is sometimes referred to as a "customer avatar").

It occurred to me today that you really need to have at least 4 customer avatars:

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