Harris Fellman and Richard Osterude have just released a cool new script called "Peel Away Ads". It makes it look like the corner of your web page is peeling away to reveal something underneath. When a visitor moves their mouse over the peeling corner, your ad is revealed. It's a pretty cool looking effect, and doesn't waste space on your webpage while the ad is not displayed.

It's currently priced at $27 (if you click the "peel away ad" on the sales page to get a $10 discount -- a nice demonstration). Plus you get a "spinning popup generator" as a free bonus (I haven't tested that out yet, so I can't comment).

They say they're planning on pumping up the price once they've gathered some testimonials, so you'll want to move quickly to be sure you don't miss the current price. Plus, I'm going to sweeten the deal -- buy through my affiliate link, and I'll throw in a free copy of my DHTML scroller script, Tetra!

I can't guarantee I'll leave that offer up forever -- we'll see how it works out -- so go to my offer page now, check out the details (and check out the demo of the peel away ad there -- it just links right back to the same page, so it's not a perfect demo, but you'll be able to see what the ads look like), and click through from there to the Peel Away Ads page.