Dear Google AdWords Reviewers,

Guys, I'm baffled. You've rejected my ad, and after numerous emails back and forth, I still don't understand why.

In your latest reply, you reiterate that "...AdWords Specialists have reviewed and disapproved your ads in the ad group '[name removed]' for violation of our policy on 'Template Sites For Ad Networks.'" But neither my ad, the landing page it links to, nor in fact any page on my website says anything at all about 'Template Sites For Ad Networks.'

When this all started, the original version of my landing page did include a comment or two referring to the AdSense site generating feature of the product I'm promoting (in fact, criticizing the use of the feature -- I hate those sites as much as anyone). When the ad was first rejected and I first wrote to you, I asked whether advertising for that particular product was banned, and you said that it was not. There are a huge number of ads advertising this product, so that didn't surprise me. Your response seemed to indicate that I just needed to remove references to that feature from the page.

So I edited my landing page to remove all mention of that feature and submitted the ad again. And it was rejected again, and our conversation since then has gotten me no closer to understanding why. I've pointed out that my landing page no longer contains any mention of that feature, nor anything that I can even fathom that anyone could misinterpret as even an oblique reference to that feature.

I noticed while editing an AdWords campaign the other day that when the name of the product is entered in your keyword tool, it shows zero advertiser competition. Yet if one searches for the product name, many ads for the product are displayed. (And you indicated in your response to one of my questions that advertising for the product is not banned.) I'm having trouble reconciling these facts, especially in light of my own ads having been disallowed. Could you help me understand?

Are old ads for Keyword Elite being allowed to continue running while new ads are being rejected? Are different reviewers applying different standards? Or is there something in my Keyword Elite promotion page that you're reading as referring to 'Template Sites For Ad Networks'? I'd really like to get that ad running, and I hope that I'll be given the same opportunity to promote it that other advertisers are getting.

Thank you,

Antone Roundy