Today, let's learn from each other's mistakes. The Monday Question for this week: what are the 3 worst mistakes you've made in your internet marketing efforts?

I'll go first. The 3 worst internet marketing mistakes I've made are (in no particular order):

1. Waiting to build a mailing list. When I started off, I gave away free versions of some of my products to drive traffic to my site, but didn't require a mailing list sign up to download it.I lost the opportunity to continue communicating with thousands of people who I might later have sold on the paid version or some related product.

2. Not using my mailing lists well. Once I finally started collecting email addresses, for a long time, I only used them to announce updates to my products. I didn't do anything else to train people in the use of my products, keep in regular contact with my subscribers, or anything else that would have helped build the relationship.

3. Not building relationships with other marketers. Internet marketing is hard work if you're doing it all yourself. If you have friends in the industry to advise you when you're making mistakes and help promote your products, the odds of your success go way up.

I suppose it's appropriate on Valentines Day that all my answers should be related to building and nurturing relationships.

How about you? What three big mistakes can you help the rest of us to avoid?

The question is out. Let the answers come in.