There's no shortage to internet markets who'll teach you ways to build traffic, get followers, or build a mailing list. Not as many teach how to build influence. But without influence, traffic and subscribers aren't worth much.

For mass influence, the "A-List" dominates. If you can get "anointed" by them, and don't botch the opportunity, you've got your ticket.

But getting anointed by the A-List isn't easy. You've got to build relationships with them first. There's got to be something significant in it for them. And there's only so much room in their circle and on their calendars.

You'll often hear that you should "appoint yourself an expert," rather than waiting for someone else to. If you've got the skills to back up your claims, that's good advice. If you don't, you're just another blind guide and scammer. And even if you claim to be an expert, you still have to get people to listen to and believe you before you'll have influence.

So, how do you go about building influence? Is a bottom up ("grass roots") approach better than a top down ("get anointed") approach? What makes the difference between getting people to listen to you and getting them to act on what you say?

The question is out. Let the answers come in.