Russell Brunson just released a 44 page "free report" called The IM Myth. I recommend clicking through and downloading it immediately. I say immediately because only until October 9, once you've downloaded it, you can point other people to it and he'll pay you $1.00 for each person who downloads it, and $0.50 for each person who they refer who downloads it.

The report basically covers a number of ways to use offline methods to complement your online marketing. Before you think "but I don't want to bother with that" ... just go download the report and read it. Nobody's going to force you to do it if you decide you really don't want to. But even if you're not going to do any of it, it will open your mind to the bigger picture, which is always a good thing -- you never know what ideas it's going to spark that you will want to follow up on.

Of course, whenever you get something for free, you can expect a sales pitch for something else, and this is no exception. The unusual thing this time is that the backend offer only costs one dollar. Okay, actually, it costs $1 plus shipping, which comes out to about $8. Yeah, I went for the $1 + shipping offer.

And of course, whenever you buy something for $1, you can expect a sales pitch for something else, and this is no exception. You'll get an offer for a ton of stuff from Dan Kennedy for $20 (to cover shipping -- it's a bunch of CDs, print newsletters and stuff, along with some online stuff). Yeah, I went for that too.

And of course, whenever you get a ton of stuff for $20, you can expect ... well, that's where I stopped.