If you've been considering buying Keyword Elite, but weren't sure you were ready to shell out the $176 dollars, I'll make the decision a little easier for you. Buy through my affiliate link, and I'll give you a free copy of my $127 script Fast JV. I've just posted a quick review of Keyword Elite and details of the offer on the Fast JV website.

Executive summary: I recommend Keyword Elite as a tool for 1) selecting profitable niches to venture into, and 2) choosing keywords to optimize content for (as long as you either create the content yourself or significantly enhance existing content -- I hate spammy sites containing nothing buy articles from article directories and AdSense ads), whether for AdSense, SEO or to pull in traffic to promote products to (either your own or as an affiliate).

If those two uses aren't of interest to you, then I'm not sure it's worth spending $176 on (not that it doesn't have other useful features, just that they may not be that much better than free alternatives)...except of course that you'll be getting a $127 bonus if you buy through the page I linked to above.