It's time for us to talk, face to face. Today.

I'm putting the finishing touches on a new website where internet marketers will be able to review each others' websites, brainstorm, and discuss internet marketing via webcam. Until it officially launches next week, all sessions will be free, so you can get a taste of what it'll be like now. (Even after the launch, you'll be able to try it out for $1, and the membership price will be very affordable.)

If you've been tweaking your squeeze pages and sales pages but haven't been able to get your conversion rates where you want them; if you've been trying to recruit affiliates but aren't getting affiliate sales; if you've been looking for people to swap mail list promotions with but haven't found anybody with a list that's similar to yours; if you've been struggling alone and are ready for a change, then head over to and let's see what we can do about it.


You'll need a Twitter account (we use the Twitter API for signup and login), and unless you just want to listen in and text chat while other people brainstorm and review each other's sites), a webcam, microphone and headphones (to prevent feedback or echo).

"Why 'Next Gurus' -- what if I don't want to be a guru?"

The site is called Next Gurus because for some people, it will be a place to build their reputation as an expert in their field. For others, it will be a place to rub shoulders with up-and-coming experts, pick their brains, and learn from them as well as gaining valuable feedback from each other to help improve your internet marketing.

After each video chat session (we call them "Mastermind Sessions", based on the concept from Napoleon Hill's famous book, "Think and Grow Rich"), each participant will rate the other participants. We'll use the ratings to calculate a score for each member, and the "next gurus" will rise to the top.

Those who get ranked high enough by their peers will be able to use the site to advertise their product launches, recruit affiliates, etc. All members will be able to link to their profiles on many other sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. We'll maintain a directory of members sorted by rating, including sections grouped by tag so that you can easily find the top members in each niche.

In addition to video mastermind sessions, the site has a forum and other features, with more to be added later.


I'll reveal the price structure next week when the site officially opens. Since my goal is to build as large a community as possible, it'll be very affordable. There's a place in for everyone from the guru to the newbie, so there's no need to use pricing to make it more exclusive.

Until the site launches, there will only be a few mastermind sessions scheduled by me. After the launch, everyone will be able to schedule mastermind sessions whenever they wish. Space in the sessions is available on a first-come-first-server basis, so sign up now and reserve your spot.

If the sessions fill up, you can join a wait list. If a registered participant doesn't show up within the first 5 minutes of a session, wait listers will be let in in the order they arrive for the session.

I've been thinking about building a mastermind group to consult with about my business for a long time. I may be more excited about the launch of this new community site than anything I've ever released before.

Hope to see you there.