I got this funny idea this morning that if you want something, you should ask for it, and be very clear about what you want. That much seems obvious, but what I haven't seen it applied to very often (if ever) is creating business partnerships.

It may be that the only partnerships some people are looking for are affiliates to promote their products. If that's the case, then I guess their affiliate program promo pages are all they need. But I'd like to work with people in a few other ways, so I've created a new page on my site that'll tell you exactly what I'm after, and exactly how to get involved.

Partner With Antone Roundy

Even if you don't want to work with me, I recommend checking the page out -- you may find a few ideas for how to improve the marketing of your own products.

Post a comment and let us know what you would put on your own "Partner With Me" page.