The other day, Robin over at Profit Blog shared some good tips on how to ensure that your blog comments get approved (rather than getting junked because they look like spam):

The reason so many marketers are unsuccessful with blog commenting is because they cannot understand what it means to add value. So below are a few tips that can help you add value to your blog comments and get them approved at a higher rate.

Robin covers several ideas, like sharing a personal story that relates to the post, politely and constructively disagreeing with something the author said, etc. (Follow the link above for all the details).

As I read the article, it occurred to me that all of these suggestions apply equally to Blog Riffing.

First, because one of the goals of Blog Riffing is to get a pingback link. The more value your Riff adds, the more likely your pingback is to be approved.

And second, because the other goal of Blog Riffing is to generate valuable content that pulls in readers and gets them to subscribe to you.

To add value, you need to write something more or different from (but related to) what you're Riffing on -- not just restate the same thing. If you're not sure how to approach that, Robin's suggestions will point you in the right direction.